Monday, May 6, 2013

Counting Down

My first Triathlon is in 13 days. It seems finishing a marathon gave me a little too much confidence. "I can run a marathon! I can do a Tri!"

Um, really?

Some how I managed to forget that I spent 4 1/2 months training for a marathon, after I'd already been running for 4 months on my own. I also managed to forget that that level of training was considered the bare minimum, and most marathon trainers seem to recommend running for at least a year before starting to train for the marathon.

So why did I then think I could magically conquer swimming in 8 weeks? Yeh. Did I forget to mention that I signed up about 8 weeks before the Tri? And then didn't manage to really get in good swims until 2 weeks after that thanks to training for a Half?

So I'm throwing out a lot of excuses here. And every time I get out of the water and think, "I just can't swim! I'm just not a swimmer." I hear all those voices saying, "I can't run because of my knees." Or "I only run if someone's chasing me." And I realize, "You're that guy! But with swimming."

I do not like swimming. Even the mere 225 yds. Yep. 9 short lengths of the pool. And if only I can make it through that to my bike, it will all be okay. Right?

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